How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide

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January 28, 2020

There are a lot of myths regarding G-spot out there. Some say that it doesn’t exist, whereas others refer to it as to elusive trick, available only to some women. In reality, G-spot is a precise point in the vagina, which has been proven to increase stimulation during sex. Today, we’ll take a look at the g spot orgasm technique and the best positions for exploring the spot with a partner.

What is G-spot

Anatomically, G-spot is located on the back wall of the vagina, also known as its anterior wall. It’s the part of the vagina that’s closer to the belly and farther from the outside. Anatomically, it’s located between your bladder and rectum — this also explains why many women are afraid to pee themselves during G-spot stimulation. Because of its proximity to the anus, the spot can be stimulated both during vaginal and anal sex.

How To Find Your G Spot 03 - How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide
Here is where to find your G-spot from an anatomic perspective

Tactile sensations can also distinguish g-spot. The touch is a lot like a soft palate in your mouth — you should feel a sweet, but slightly rough tissue, a bit harder than the other tissue of the vagina. The spot, in most women, is a little bump, whereas others feel the change in tissue structure.

Why look for a G-spot

Before you get started with exploration, let’s clear out the concerns: what’s the point of finding a g-spot, and how exactly does it make sex better.

The G-spot is located on the clitoris network, which means it’s connected to your clitoris and upper vagina. To us, it seems that clitoris is a small organ outside of the vagina, but the reality is different. The clitoral networks goes deep into vagina and is then divided into two routes and goes deep in your vagina. G-spot is where these two routes meet, which leads to a strong g-spot orgasm.

How to find a G-spot

There is a misconception that you necessarily need a partner who’d help you in finding the G-spot. In reality, it’s even easier to do alone because you can coordinate all the actions.

The best tried-and-proven way of finding a G-spot is masturbation. As you explore yourself, you will notice the change in excitement — once you reach the spot, you’ll feel a lot more aroused. Of course, to feel that, you need to heat yourself to a certain degree of arousal already.

For most women, watching porn, fantasizing, and listening to sexy songs are the surest ways of getting excited down there. When you feel the rush of blood, curve your fingers, and insert them into your vagina. Go in deeper than usual, and explore the inside wall of the vagina.

Don’t overthink the process — the G-spot most likely will find you. You’ll palpate a rough spot on your vagina, or it could feel slightly bumpy, but not necessarily — the surest method to undestand where the G-spot is located and get the G-spot orgasm. At one point, you’ll find a spot that takes your masturbation to a new level. Usually, that’s how you know it’s a G-spot.

How To Find Your G Spot 01 - How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide
The simplest way of G-spot stimulation is the come-here move

How to find your g-spot by yourself right away

If you got excited in several spots, not just one, there’s a way to test if what you found was a G-spot. As soon as you suspect that you’ve gotten the location, start stimulation. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to find the g spot with your finger.

  • Start by moving your fingers in a circle around the G-spot. This is also how to find your g-spot if you’re a virgin — circle movements are less intense and less risky. Touch the area gently, from sides to the middle. Next, use a come-here finger wave to brush your spot and arouse it further.
  • Don’t be afraid to go rougher than usual, if typical masturbation techniques don’t work. Because the spot can be found on the back part of the vagina, it will take you some pressure.
  • Try G-spot sex toys — a g-spot vibrator orgasm is easier to achieve. They will send vibration down to your vagina and get you more aroused. As soon as the toy came to the spot, you’ll feel hotter and wetter inside. This is how to have a g-spot orgasm, even if you don’t have a partner.

The best sex positions for G-spot stimulation

Once you’ve learned to use G-spot for better masturbation, it’s time to bring your partner in for the ride. Don’t rush it though — you need to be well-familiar with the spot yourself to be able to explain it better during sex.

G-spot stimulation can be done both through vaginal and anal positions, and it mostly requires rougher-than-usual sex. Because the spot itself is more rigid than the rest of your vagina, it takes more pressure to arouse it. Here are my three favorite sex positions for G-spot stimulation with a guide on how to g-spot orgasm.


Cowgirl is one of the most common sex positions because it’s sexy, dominant, and easy. Your partner lies on his back while you climb on top and ride on his penis. You’ve seen this one in movies — so it shouldn’t be difficult to pull off.

G Spot Stimulation and Orgasm Tips 01 - How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide
It’s easy to achieve an intense G-spot orgasm if you are on top of the partner

The main advantage of this position is that you get control over everything — speed, precision, intensity, angle, and rhythm. You don’t have to walk your partner through the angle of penetration or ask him to change anything — you’ve got the charge.

To orgasm from g-spot with a cowgirl, it’s better to slide back and forth on his penis rather than up and down. Although your partner will likely have another opinion. For both of you to enjoy the process, mix up-and-down with back-and-forth movements.

Doggy style

G-spot, for some women, is easier found through anal sex. It leaves your anterior vagina wall better exposed, and your partner has better access to the opening. The position is rough, so prepare a lubricant and don’t skip the foreplay.

G Spot Stimulation and Orgasm Tips 03 - How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide
Another way to get a g-spot orgasm is through a deep anal penetration

You should stand on your knees, supporting yourself with palms or elbows. To modify change the entry angle, you can change the position of your hips (experiment with moving back-and-forth or up and down). Your hips back and forth or ask a partner to move closer or further. You can also lie down on the stomach if hands and legs are getting tired.


You need to sit on your guy’s pelvis and spread your legs wide for a better penetration angle. You can lean on the floor or guy’s legs for additional support. Your hands will get tired pretty soon, so be sure to switch this position up with something else.

G Spot Stimulation and Orgasm Tips 04 - How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide
Crab is a simple position for vaginal G-spot stimulation

What makes crab great for G-spot stimulation is the opening it provides to your partner, which makes delivering an intense g-spot orgasm easier. You can regulate the depth of penetration by leaning back-and-forth, which makes it easier to explore different regions of your vagina.


Unlike the doggy style, this is a gentle anal sex position. The partners need to get on their knees or lean on the wall. You will be holding him from the front by his hips, while he’ll use your waist for support. The two partners are touching each other closely which leads to increased arousal.

G Spot Stimulation and Orgasm Tips 02 - How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide
It’s a great g orgasm technique for intimate couples

Having such close contact with a sexual partner allows your blood to increase the blood flow to your genitalia. You’ll get excited quickly, and it will make G-spot more responsive to stimulation — and easier to locate. The opening isn’t as precise as in doggy style, but your partner will still reach the anterior vagina wall fairly easily.

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What is a G-spot?

A G-spot is a part of the back wall of the vagina that delivers high arousal during masturbation and sexual contact. It’s connected to the clitoral network and engages various regions of a vagina. For each woman, the sensation of G-spot is slightly different: some feel a rigid surface in their vagina, whereas others can distinguish it only by the feeling of excitement.

How to find your G-spot if you are a girl?

The easiest way to locate your G-spot is by deep masturbation. You need to arouse yourself beforehand — the G-spot requires a certain degree of sexual excitement to be stimulated properly. So, be sure to watch porn, look at pictures of attractive guys, fantasize, get candles, and turn on some music.

What are g-spot orgasm tips for masturbation?

The most efficient way is to move your fingers back and forth, as if you are asking someone to come-here. It’s the easiest and the most popular way of G-spot stimulation, and it really works. Take two fingers and start moving them back and forth until you feel the improvement in the blood flow to your vagina. If the blood suddenly started rushing down there and you’ve gotten much wetter than usual, that’s the sure sign that you are on the right track.

What are the best positions for finding a G-spot?

The most efficient ways are the ones that provide a wide vaginal or anal opening, and usually, they are common in rough sex. G-spot orgasm and clitoral orgasm are different in terms of required pressure — so you’ll need a deep stimulation to get the ultimate effect. The most efficient positions are doggy style, cowgirl, teaspooning, crab, and their variations.

How to achieve G-spot orgasm by myself?

You can do it with manual masturbation, use G-spot stimulating toys, or have sex in special positions that provide deep access into your vagina. You can increase your chances by doing foreplay and dirty talk beforehand — when you are aroused, it’s going to be much easier to excite the G-spot as well.

What does a g spot orgasm feel like?

You will feel a scratchy feeling in your vagina, but in a pleasant way. It feels as if something is gently massaging you down there, and then, there will be a release moment where you’ll feel relaxed all over your body. It also brings a nice feeling of warmth down there — it will seem as if you’ve just had good sex, even if you are exploring yourself on your own.

G-spot orgasm video tutorial

Final thoughts

Hitting a G-spot makes a difference during sex. Boring positions start feeling much better, and your partner has a better idea of how to satisfy you.

Also, you become more independent — masturbation will feel almost like sex. Trust me, knowing your G-spot pays off on multiple occasions — and it doesn’t matter with whom and how you have sex.

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