Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy

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March 31, 2020

In case, masturbation was never your cup of tea or you just used to have some quickies — this is your chance to take it all the way to another level. But first, let’s talk about how to start.

How to set the mood for masturbation

Preparation is important. Not that often you are waking up horny in the morning or dripping wet without any particular reason and ready to please yourself. Sometimes your head is just somewhere else or period cramps are killing you, and all you can think of is a comforting food and rest.

Here is what you can do to set that horny mood of yours when your head seems to be somewhere else.

Clear the schedule

Time is all we have now. I suggest you follow the example and clear your schedule. Literally, put masturbation on your “To Do” list.

That also means that you should switch your phone to plane mode and lock your door, in case you are not living alone. Personal space is essential during self-distancing.

Female masturbation techniques 02 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
How often to masturbate and set the mood for it

Get yourself horny

Once you are all set, not it’s time to get horny as hell. Here is where you can choose either way. You can read a steamy, aka the erotic book that builds up your sexual tension where your fantasy relives whatever that is happening through the text.

Sexting with him or her will put you in the right mood for masturbation. Before jumping into that, make sure you are committed to going through phone sex or sexting till the end. Don’t leave your partner with blue balls.

Last but not least, is porn. This is where you can explore all the videos possible. By the way, PornHub is giving away the entire month of free subscription to cheer all the people around the world. Now you can experiment with all kinds of categories on the website. Girl or girl, interracial couples, BDSM, and anything you can think of.

Take your time. Build that energy the same way you would do if you would read a book.

Female masturbation techniques 09 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
How to masturbate better with erogenous zones and why

Focus on your erogenous zones

Tease yourself — this is your chance to explore your inner fantasies and survey your body, every inch of it. Remember that besides typical erogenous zones like ears and nipples, the female body is one erogenous zone. All you have to do is find out what turns you on. Maybe self chocking, squeezing your butt or hips, and maybe scratching too. Whatever it is — feel free to try and put on combine-and-repeat.

Add your favorite props

Here is the time to open your Pandora box of sex toys or open Googe and type in “sex shop near me 24-hour delivery.” What I did last night as soon as I realized my old toys don’t excite me anymore, and I need a few new ones.

I’m dead serious, add sex toys. Even if you have never owned one — that’s the time. If you have a few — play with each one-on-one or test them all together.

Female masturbation techniques 05 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
How to masturbate without porn and in front of the mirror instead

Make a mirror your new bestie

Do it in front of the mirror. Wake up that inner goddess of yours. Put on the hottest lingerie you have and perform the only viewer you have — yourself. You can experiment and be bold by simply recording yourself.

Place the camera or your phone and forget it’s even there. Watch yourself in a mirror and imagine you are the biggest star on Brazzers.

Types of female masturbation

Four main types of masturbation are the most common. Jumping ahead, you can use each of those separately or combine in all possible ways you can only think of.

Female masturbation techniques 01 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
How to masturbate correctly and get maximum pleasure with all the techniques

Clitoral masturbation aka most common

Clitoral masturbation is the most common because it’s easy, doesn’t require toys, and can be a quick sexual tension relief.

Most likely, you can use your finger or two, but also vibrating sex toys would be useful here. You rubbing against your clit building up the orgasm and once you reach the peak, you would feel tingly feeling throughout your skin and your brain. Try laying on your back for a stronger effect.

  • Massage the upper fleshy part of your pelvic bone with one or a couple of fingers in circle movements, running down to your inner lips and vulva.
  • Make V letter with your fingers and place it on your lady-lips having your clit in-between. Start rubbing yourself, finding the most pleasant rhythm.
  • Place 4 fingers on your flesh and start to move in circles till you get wet, or I would suggest not waiting for that by simply adding lube or your saliva will do the magic too. Continue playing with speed and pause for a few moments before you want to come and then continue again. That would help you to build tension to have a more intense orgasm.
  • Use a clit vibrator or any vibrator. Vibrations stimulate you and help to reach orgasm without any hand movements. There are also sucking and tongue effect clitoral toys that is a must to try.
Female masturbation techniques 06 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
How to masturbate with a vibrator and reach a G-Spot

Vaginal masturbation aka find your G-spot for fuck’s sake

I hate that myth about women not experience vaginal orgasms. Whoever spread the word into the world should take it back. That just a mean thing to say and ruins the mood — one of the reasons nearly all of my girl-friends didn’t experience G-Spot orgasm. Maybe you won’t have orgasms right away, but at least it’s going to be fun trying. To get a better feeling of vaginal masturbation — try squatting.

  • Play around your vaginal opening with your fingers or a sex toy. Once you feel like you are wet enough — go all in. Also, you can add lube, always a plus.
  • Start stimulating stroking movements as you would have with a real penis inside. Go dipper in circular movements with your fingers or a sex toy. That way, it would be easier to find your G-Spot, which can slightly be misplaced from the mathematician center of your vagina.
  • Go faster once you feel like it and increase the stroking till you get to the point where you are ready to cum. Don’t worry if you won’t have a vaginal orgasm or won’t find your G-Spot that is okay, and you have a lot of time to try again. The more you practice, the more you get familiar with your body and what it enjoys.
Female masturbation techniques 11 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
How to masturbate with fingers while trying the anal technique

Anal masturbation to spice up things

Anal masturbation can be groundbreaking. Also, it is another way to search for that damn G-Spot, everyone just can’t shut up about.

Anal play can be surprisingly fun if you have never tried anal, or you were convinced that anal is fun only with real penis inside. While we are on this topic, let me mention that the size of a penis or sex toy for anal can be any size possible. As long as you are relaxed and add enough lube — it won’t hurt, and you will get a pleasant experience. You’d have better access in a doggy position with your face down. Now back to techniques.

  • Get some lube and start massaging yourself around your anal. After you feel like you are ready, slowly insert a finger or the tip of the sex toy. You can play around to relax even more an feel the pleasure by placing the tip in and out before moving further.
  • Combine circle motions with in-and-out penetration till you feel like the tension is building up, and you feel like you want to finish.
  • Use anal plugs and anal beads. They are great to try anal for the first time. Always put lots of lube, no matter what you are using.
Female masturbation techniques 08 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
Best way to masturbate with combo techniques

Combo masturbation because you can and deserve it

One of my favorite masturbation techniques. Combos are great. Why order just a burger if you can have fries and a drink on top of that.

With the combo, you can integrate two or three or all of the techniques at once. You can stimulate your clit while penetrating your vagina or anal. Try having a butt plug while penetrating yourself and playing with your clit. It sounds like a lot of work, but worth it. You are the wizard, and it is up to you, but here are some ideas.

  • Use both of your hands at once. Choose what you are concentrating on, and you are golden.
  • Be extra and wild. Combine different speeds or motions while playing with your clit and penetrating yourself.
  • Don’t forget about your erogenous zones. Grab your body’s most sensitive parts to stimulate yourself even more. Imagine this, since technologies went wild, you can have a self-thrusting remote dildo, sucking butterfly toy for your clit, putt plug in your anal, and nipple clamps or sucker pumps. One intense combo, right!
Female masturbation techniques 10 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
Ways to masturbate that works for other women

What other women say

The womanhood is strong, and here are some comments and ideas from other women who enjoy masturbation as much as I am.

“I like to masturbate on my knees”

“I like to masturbate sitting up on my knees, just like I would be in a cowgirl position. I’ll put a pillow or towel between my legs and grind against it to stimulate my clitoris. I can use my imagination, but I really prefer all kinds of porn, so I’ll look up whatever scene I want to see and try to find a good video for it. The biggest turn on is when there is a girl on girl action and they re doing rubbing against each other. I enjoy playing with myself a lot so I masturbate whenever I’m turned on but don’t have access to a partner. It helps me let go of tension, anger, or nervous energy.”

“I lay on my stomach”

“I lay on my stomach in my bed, and I don’t use any toys. I’ll use my imagination or read erotica. At some point, porn was too typical for me so it was annoying rather than a turn on. It probably takes about five minutes and I feel good and calm after.”

“I love to use toys”

“I love to use toys when I masturbate. I’m probably the favorite customer for the sex shops. I can buy a few new toys every month and experiment with them almost every day. Sometimes my partner and I use a few of them too”

“I take my time on a lazy Sunday”

“I’m very turned on by a man going down on a woman, so I’ll find video clips that show oral sex. I’ve used a vibrator before, but I honestly don’t like it very much. I prefer using my fingers. Vibrators almost make me orgasm too quickly, and I like to draw it out. So while I’m having a lazy Sunday I might watch porn and build up tension very slowly and maybe even stop a few times in between. But I also like to do it as soon as I wake up—I swear it gives me a jolt of energy to start my day—or right before bed. I feel energized after and consider it me-time.”

“I get on my back in the reclining goddess position”

“I start on my back in bed, sort of in the reclining goddess yoga position. I’m usually very quiet during it, but if the mood is right, I can get very loud. Occasionally I use a vibrator, but typically just my hand and my mind. I spend 10-25 minutes doing it, and some extra time relaxing afterward.”

“I do it home alone on the bed or couch”

“I like to masturbate when I’m at home alone, on the bed or couch. The atmosphere doesn’t really matter to me. If I’m home alone with some time to kill, that’s good enough for me, and I’ll spend 20 – 30 minutes doing it. I like to use my imagination, but sometimes I read an erotic book or find stories online. I don’t use any toys either, but I’m always playing with the idea of investing in one.”

“I masturbate before bed when it’s dark and quiet”

“I like to masturbate lying down in bed—it’s usually quick, right before bed, when it’s dark and quiet. I use my imagination and use my little vibrator. I don’t spend more than 10 minutes tops doing it. It makes me sort of calm and helps to fall asleep.”

The bottom line

Female masturbation is always fun, sexy, and a great tension reliever. It helps to get to know your body better and experiment with your fantasies. I put it on my schedule as “Naughty “me” time,” and you should also add masturbation on the agenda menu more often. Be sexually open and free. Combine all possible techniques and have all the orgasms in the world.

Female masturbation techniques 07 - Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy
All masturbation techniques are great. You just need to pick a few
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How often should I masturbate?

As many times as you want. There are no restrictions on that, and you can masturbate according to your personal needs.

Can I use toys while masturbating?

You can, and you have to! Toys are great and will only increase your pleasure. You can use all kinds of toys, like dildos, clitoral vibrators, anal plugs, and beads. Whatever you feel like using — use it.

How to get yourself horny?

You can get yourself horny by your imagination, or by reading erotic books. Porn also works well to place yourself into a horny mood.

Making masturbation interesting — video tips

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