69 dirty talk phrases that he won’t be able to resist

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January 8, 2020

Polite sex is boring. Let’s start there. We live in a time where we can open our sexuality and desires and start experimenting. Yet some people are shy to start living their best life and need a little push.

If you can’t think of anything kinky right away, we know how to make even a regular sex spicy and exciting. The answer is dirty talk.

dirty talk phrases 07 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Why talking dirty is awesome

Why dirty talk

There are two ways. Either you can’t think of anything you could possibly say or you don’t know how to say it without feeling silly. Both ways are fine, but you should never feel stupid about expressing your desires.

Another myth that we know is that dirty talking should be reserved for the sexy bedroom time, preferably with no lights on. We say screw it! Dirty hot talk can be appropriate anywhere, at any time. The phases below are ultimate and can be used whenever.

The number one reason to talk dirty with a guy is simple. It is a great tool to build sexual tension between you two. The more tension you have, the more pleasant and hotter sex would be. It is always temptings. Plus, a little teasing never killed anybody. With sexual tension that was built with dirty talk, the foreplay face-to-face will already be on point — wet and hard point.

Imagine start building the sexual tension between you and your partner after he left for work or on a business trip. Your communication can be one of the fantasies where you express all the things you want to do to each other the next time you two together.

Plus, with all the dirty talk phrases we prepared for you, he won’t be able to resist you nor stop thinking about you. Now you are his holy grail, and you are always on his mind.

How to talk dirty. 6 main tips

Now it is time to learn main tips on how to properly do it and don’t feel weird about it. Remember that dirty talk is a tool to help you build sexual tension combined with a fantasy that is soon to be a real-life action.

dirty talk phrases 03 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Main tips on how to talk dirty

Start slowly

Don’t start the dirty talk out of the blue. Like you were having a grocery discussion and out of a sudden, you text or say, “I want to feel your huge cock inside of me,” especially if you haven’t done it before.

Start from far away. Same as you build tension using dirty talk — build the conversation where culmination will be the dirty phrase.

Try it in the bedroom first

It is the best way to figure out if you are into it. The face reaction can’t be faked. Not when you are naked in the most intimate position. We are sure that the response from him will always be positive. Besides, once you get comfortable to talk dirty with your man in the bedroom, you won’t have any problems to do it anywhere else.

dirty talk phrases 02 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Talking dirty is important

Involve both of your preferences

Don’t shout out anything that will come to your mind. You should talk about what you enjoy and not just random bits for the shock effect. Also, if you’ve been with a guy for a while, now you should know his sexual preferences too. Use that to your power.

If you are out somewhere together, and you whisper to his ear something like, “I can’t wait till we get home so I can get down on my knees and suck your dick.” That will most likely get him crazy, and he will make it possible for you to leave early. The main point is to find the right words to say it simple yet picturable.

Don’t forget about yourself

It is important to please your man, but don’t forget to have fun yourself. We are so easy to melt with the men’s needs that we don’t do it for ourselves even though we should. Think of the things that you want to try or say things that you haven’t before. If you want it harder, say, “Fuck me harder.” If you wish, he went down on you, whisper, “I can’t stop imagining your head between my thighs.” Be bold about your desires — and you will be surprised by the outcome.

dirty talk phrases 06 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Talk dirty to your man. It will make him crazy about you even more

Know when to let it go

All that we suggest trying is a simple suggestion. If some phrases don’t work for you — don’t force it. Leave it and move on. Try something else, or maybe you will figure out something else, completely new. Experimenting is the key.

Be yourself

The dirty talk shouldn’t always be aggressive and explicit. Don’t fall for that. The truth is you can be whatever you want and do the dirty talk as you feel it. The best way is the most natural way for you to express yourself. If you are more aggressive than be it, but if you prefer things softer — make dirty talk sensual and intimate yet dirty. It can also be more powerful and intense. Your main goal is to have fun and make your man obsessed with you.

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Dirty talk phrases

The time has come to finally have an actual look at all the phrases that we picked for you to try out. We divided those into three main categories. Depending on the situation and the mood, you can choose one to start the dirty talk engine and see where it will take you, or you can juggle them all.

dirty talk phrases 05 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Build sexual tension with texts

Dirty talk to build sexual tension

Building sexual tension is important. So read through these dirty talk phrases and try at least one right away!

  • If we weren’t at this party and these people weren’t around, I would jump on you right now. ?
  • What would you say if I asked you to go down on me right now?
  • I’m feeling greedy today because and I need your cock badly. Right now.
  • I’m going to drain your balls tonight. ?
  • I don’t know what happened to me, but I can’t control myself around you. When I think of you, all I want to do is rip your clothes off and fuck you.
  • I need to feel you inside me.
  • Nobody has ever fucked me like you do.
  • Even when you’re in a bad mood, I want to fuck you.
  • I’m going to mark you as mine tonight.
  • When we get home, I’m going to make you orgasm so hard.
  • Knowing that you can completely overpower me and dominate makes me so crazy horny.
  • What would you prefer I wear tonight, a thong or panties or nothing at all?
  • Would you punish me if I would behave like a bad girl?
  • I’m going to break you tonight.
  • If these people weren’t here, I would be on my knees with your dick in my mouth.
  • I can barely concentrate; I just keep thinking about you grabbing me and taking me.
  • I’ve got a sexy surprise for you later…
  • I wish we could just stay in bed and you can be inside of me all day long.
  • Guess what color my lingerie is?
  • We need to meet after work; this horniness is killing me.
  • I just want to wrap my pussy around your cock. So you can feel how wet and warm I am.
  • I feel so horny and helpless when you dominate me.
  • Stop looking at me like that. It’s making me wet.
dirty talk phrases 04 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Talk dirty while in bed with our partner

Dirty phrases to use during hot sex

You are in bed. Finally, after all the teasing and tension throughout the day, you are both having the best time. So as the dirty talk game shall be continued. Here are top phrases to use in bed.

  • I want to feel your cock in my mouth.
  • I love it when you fuck me like a slut.
  • Fuck me deep!
  • I don’t want to feel my face or hands after you’re done with me.
  • I want to taste you.
  • I’m going to make your legs shake when you cum after this blowjob.
  • I want you to eat me out.
  • I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow, so fuck me harder.
  • Dominate me.
  • Use me.
  • Don’t stop.
  • Fuck me like your own me.
  • You’re going to make me cum.
  • I love your dick.
  • I want to fall asleep with you inside me and wake up with your dick in my mouth.
  • Grab and suck on my nipples.
  • I’ve been a really bad girl, daddy, and need to be punished.
  • Deeper! (then pull him deeper with your arms and legs)
  • I want to hear you scream my name when you cum.
  • Do you like how I ride you?
  • Pull my hair and spank me.
  • Make me your bitch.
  • Cum for me.
dirty talk phrases 01 - 69 dirty talk phrases that he won't be able to resist
Dirty talk is the key in bed but keep it hot after it with sexting.

Dirty talk lines for sexting

Here are the perfect messages for you to send out to your man to make it clear what you want or let him know that you want more after the other time.

  • Sometimes my legs get weak when you kiss me.
  • Just thinking about you makes me so damn wet!
  • I miss your cock.
  • If we could only have sex in one position for the rest of our lives, what would it be?
  • I masturbated last night. Can you guess what I had imagined?
  • Still feeling sore after last night ?
  • I think you’re the only guy who can make me angry and horny at the same time.
  • The hottest thing about last night was feeling you shoot your load inside me.
  • I can still taste you.
  • I want to be your lady on the streets and your freak between the sheets.
  • I never thought I would meet someone who makes me cum so many times.
  • I’m supposed to be working, but all I can think about is you dominating me.
  • I’m still full after a delicious breakfast you gave me in the morning.
  •  I want you to bury your cock inside of me.
  • My pussy is wet every time I think about us last night.
  • You are the only man who can make me cum so many times (you can specify how many times you’ve cum last time you had sex. Men love the score.)
  • I wish I could wake you up with my mouth wrapped around your cock. I need it soon.
  • Come home, I need to lick your body asap.
  • I have a question. I’m so wet right now. What should I do with this?
  • I’m getting addicted to your cock.
  • What lingerie should I wear for our next date, or maybe I should go commando?
  • I had such a long day. I need to sweat it out with you.

Now you are all armed to begin the sexiest game ever. Remember to build the tension, say things out loud in bed, and keep the same sexy energy after. You got this!

Talk dirty for women: video tips


Why should I dirty talk? Will it help my relationship?

Yes, dirty talk will help you to open up more to your partner and share your secret desires.

Why is dirty talk so awesome?

You can get as dirty and nasty as you want. We doubt that your partner won’t like it. Guys are in love with dirty talk.

How to build sexual tension with dirty talk?

To build sexual tension, you need to start slowly and send out a short message to let the person on the other side know what you are going for. Then build it up by saying naughty ideas that you always wanted to say or try. Point out that all that dirty talk can be easily turned into reality.

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