Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review

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April 2, 2020
Chatango logo app tabl - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
4.0 ★★★★☆
8 million members 100,000/daily unknown
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
low fraud risk Verification email Mobile App Android
free of charge subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
USA, International
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The service is free of charge. Since the group is for total strangers and you simply install it to your website or join at any time from anywhere — it is only fair that it’s free to use.

Free service

The service does not have any hidden memberships that might pop up right before things might get interesting.

Chatango Review 7 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Chatango room accepts friendly donations to support the platform

Paid service

The platform is built that way that you don’t need to add subscription plans or upgrade members to Premium status. All are equal here. Even if you want to add the chat window to your website, you won’t need to pay. Just go ahead and use it.

Yet you can be generous and donate to the website to help keep it running — it is up to you. Although, due to the current situation on the planet, those donations might be the only thing that would keep the website floating. That is is a widespread practice for a lot of free sex dating apps.

Chatango Review 11 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Chatango chat room list of chats can go on and on

Audience quality


The beauty of this app is that you will never know a lot about users and they can be from all over the world, doing anything, and chatting about all the things possible. That could turn out as the best possible thing that happened to you today.

Age distribution

There are no actual age restrictions. Anyone who comes across the platform can set an account and start communication with strangers right away.

Fakes and scammers

With all the best options that you can get from this anonymous chatting comes the other side of the medal where it can turn ugly fast. Because of zero security policy regarding straightforward registration, the number of fake profiles and scammers gets high.

Here you should rely on your common sense, keep your personal details to yourself, and take it less seriously but as a place where you can meet strangers to chat with no strings attached. Let’s call it a one-chatting stand, nothing more.

Chatango Review 10 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
The main page that shows how Chatango groups can look like on your website



Bold and old school interface is not our cup of tea, especially when it is not easy to navigate. Once we got to the platform, we couldn’t see anything but an elementary man page that got us by following the only “talking” button Get Started, which is in yellow in the upper right corner on the website. It seems like a registration form, but it’s not. This is where you can attach the chatroom to your website. Simply saying, create a group chat for other members to participate.

Overall, the design and functionality are poor, and it is not easy to navigate if you have never tried old school websites or chat rooms in general. We could compare it also with Manhunt Personals.

Chatango Review 1 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
To join Chatango girls you need to create an account

Signing up

Registration is easy, though. The platform will ask you to add an email, username, and password — it will take a minute. Yet, we were not able to get an account with our Gmail account. It asked us to put the email that would end with the website domain. But we tested that you can make up that domain. Since there is no email verification, that should work. Although, if you would need to recreate your account, your fake email will get useless here.

That got us thinking that if you can put in an email with any possible imaginary domain, anyone could do the same. That proves our concerns about a lack of security measures at the platform.

Chatango Review 8 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Chatango themes and general information that you can add to your profile


Profiles are detailed but not that much compared with other chat rooms that we had reviewed in the past, but you can manage and play around. Let’s not forget that it is old school chat rooms and not the fancy or shiny dating apps that we used to.

The profiles at Chatango will let you add one photo of you of whatever you want. Moderators do not check nor review pictures. Add your age, gender, and location. There is also the section where you can tell a little bit more information on your preferences or what you are looking at in chat rooms. To make your profile super full, add your favorite music links, videos, or anything you can think of. Won’t hurt if you add your website link or, in case you have more than one, the links that would lead to your websites.

Now let’s go old school and play with colors. You can choose the tone for your background, text, and links. All rainbows are available. Once you go through with these steps, your profile is officially complete.


There are no specific search filters for searching for new members unless you know their usernames. Some chat rooms and cougar apps work the same way. You can also browse through the chat room and find people who might interest you and send them a direct message, which is free, and wait for their response.


As we mentioned before, any message exchange is free of charge for all users who interact in the chat rooms. To initiate the conversation, send a message to other users either through the chat rooms or in private.

If you own the website where the chat window is working, feel free to participate and promote your products or services as well. That’s one of the ideas of the platform, so no one will hate you because of the “spam” messages.

While we were testing ourselves, none of the users responded to us in the private message window, and the chat room was quite dull even to participate.

Chatango Review 3 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Screenshot of the mobile app from the Chatango main page

Mobile app

The Chatango platform has an Android app — it is also free of charge for all members. The app looks more user-friendly than the web version of the platform. Even though it is the same bold and old school-ish, it is way better navigation-wise — the perfect option for those people who are always on-the-move and have no laptop around.

Chatango Review 9 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
As a girl at Chatango, I didn’t get many messages

Security and privacy


After our field test, we can honestly say that Chatango had crappy security. It doesn’t have any security measures besides the “block” function. Once you register, you need to fill in the email address that ends with your domain, but there is no biggy if you would use whatever domain ending you can come up with.

There is no Facebook log in available. Together with that, there is no moderation of photos or what’s happening inside of chat rooms. Everyone is open to say, post, and do whatever they want.

Chatango Review 6 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
The Chatango rooms list can be placed anywhere on the website of yours. Meaning it is focused more on promoting than chatting itself

Odds of success


Under regular circumstances, it would be quite a possibility to agree to meet up with someone offline. But due to the current virus and lockdown situation, Chatango is promoting an idea not to meet up in person to avoid the virus spreading. But it continues its work online. Does it bring people to fuck tonight eventually — we are not sure as the lockdown messed it all up.

Matching algorithm

Chatango does not have any matching algorithm to connect you with others but your location. That is also possible if you would add the Zip code to your profile. You can’t browse users unless you know their usernames or an email. You can connect though with people who are in your chat rooms.

People who tried it

Since the platform is not that common, we searched for the experience of other people who’ve tried the chat rooms at Chatango.

Excellent application to interact with a group of people


We take excellent applications to interact in a fun time to interact with employees and say things we can not say in public. We joke played with each other in the Chatango chat, and there are some that we sometimes eliminate because they say rude, and sometimes through the chat, they express what they do not express to others.

I dislike that sometimes you want to have more emoticons and better designs on the screen, and that way, it would be a more fun chat.

Excellent application to interact with a group of people to which you want to have a personal or impersonal relationship and, in a certain way, interact to communicate all in common.

We use it in the company in entertainment sometimes there day that all the employees are united and sometimes there is nobody, we interact in the common one to know about our works and to develop a critical conversation about the performance of each one without offending anybody since the chat has policies.
Jose B.

All communication well


I like the ease and agility of communicating with several people through chat.

I do not really like being disconnected if the internet is good.

I recommend the Chatango for both users and companies, as it is a great communication software. Many of the problems we had were solved through Chatango.
Chris L.

Power abusing moderatos


Chatango moderators are the worst on the net. I have so many friends that have had accounts banned over a typo or a silly comment that a moderator doesn’t like. They give no warnings, and half the chat participants are moderators. While one mod is warning someone, another one jumps in and just bans them. Then, there’s no way to dispute these bans. The information on their website is useless unless you are a mod yourself.

Hey Chatango Moderators: Get a life! Half of you don’t even chat. You’re just there to wield your power by deleting messages and banning accounts!
Den M.

Chatango Review 4 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Real reviews from real people

Nonexisting Support


The site is completely run by auto-moderation, and if something goes wrong. The support used to be able to override it.

However, there are no moderators, only one person oversees the entire website, and all his contact info is outdated, and he hasn’t been active in any communities for at least 4 years. People get shadowbanned (Called PMR, or Private Message Restricted) randomly due to the auto-moderation. Even an edgy user blocking them can trigger this. This prevents your IP address from messaging any other users unless you are on their friends’ list, pretty much defeating the purpose of a chat site.
Rem D.

Don’t bother


If by any chance, you do get a decent chat going with someone, you’ll find that silly words are blocked for no reason whilst most swear/curse words are fine. I found the name of an anime name was blocked on an anime site that had that show in there playlist. Then you have brainless moderators that don’t even understand their own rules and are rude and obnoxious, to say the least. They have the smallest amount of responsibility, and they usually abuse said power and aren’t held accountable for their actions, which are usually worse than the users. Unfortunately, the lowest score here is one star, I’d be much happier giving them a lower score.
James H.

I like this site


I like this site. It’s a rather good way to meet people and have fun. But it does need moderation a bit.
Natsuru I.

A pedophile breeding ground that should be taken down


So I was watching anime one day and stumbled upon this website just from watching cartoons. Chatango is embedded on the sidebar of websites that contain cartoons for both children and adults. Yet it is not moderated at all.

In fact, it hasn’t been moderated for over a decade. More than one person has told me about the types of PUBLIC-AS-F chatrooms grown men that congregate together in and post the naked pictures of the minors they manipulated through the internet. Telling children that they’re in love with them, convince them to show themselves, then show these pictures around to each other as some kind of trophy. Some even record them on cam touching themselves and show it around to everyone (that hurt to even type).

If you are an undercover cop, I suggest you disguise yourself as a 23-year-old man, buy yourself an “original account,” and decorate it really nicely, so the people there think you have money. After some time (of going around and talking to other “originals”), you will get offered some minor’s nudes for free or for money.

It’s all very disgusting. This chat had potential and I only wanted to watch some cartoons and chill. But I found out heinous $#*! By accident and I honestly don’t what to do, for now, other than warning people on here anonymously on this website review.

I and multiple others have even seen females below 18 put it on their profile page that they are selling their nudes. And a lot of girls apparently, minus and plus 18, sell their nudes just to get accounts with “cool usernames.” What the fk. I’m tired of no one doing anything about this, so I’m at least going to start with writing this review.
Ivan O.

Chatango Review 5 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
There are plenty of alternatives for you. We highlighted the main 3

I went on this site thinking its a site to meet other adults


I went on this site, thinking it’s a site to meet other adults. Well, I keep meeting guys on here who are persistent. All they want to talk about is giving oral sex if you meet up with them. This site needs to be monitored. This site needs a moderator to prevent pervs from trolling other people who are trying to make friends. Not everyone is into talking dirty; some people just want to make friends. The sexual perverts are giving the site a bad name. This site has the potential to be a good place to meet grown-up, not immature, horny guys.
Jenna S.

I am a semi-active user of this site at the moment


I am a semi-active user of this site at the moment. I usually go on for a few months, then take a break for a while and alternate as such. Yes, there are many people that talk sexually to each other, but most kids in the chat site’s range are looking for that. Horny kids are getting on late at night to talk to their vampire boyfriends. It can have a lot of creepy, gross, annoying, and outright freaky people, but I have found many people that have become good friends to me. So, the basic rules are as follows: If you are a guy, you are pretty much safe from anything just as long as you can withstand the occasional troll. Girls, if you join, you are going to have a lot of horny boys trying to come after you. Just talk to them as giving a chance, but if you become uncomfortable, just block them. I see negative and positives on this site. My main positive was a personal experience when I was 12 years old that set my life on the track that it is on now. The girl I talked to a lot just totally $#*!ed with my mind and of course we never stayed together since it was so long-distanced, but the trauma it put me through made me open-minded, understanding, matured, and it led me to the job I am currently studying for. Because of so many pedophiles and other illegal actions that take place on the site, I am studying to become a Computer Forensics Specialist, which is basically a computer cop. I will monitor the internet and find illegal transactions, chat sessions, and other similar things. So, in conclusion: the site really does a number on your mind and changes you, but it can be a great life experience to shape your future.
Joshua A.

Chatango alternatives

The entire Chatango can be considered as both rewarding and awful as we could track it by real-life users’ reviews. Everyone is capable of making up their own opinion, and there always will be a platform that is focused on one or another group of people. Same reason, we thought we would add here below a good way to substitute the Chatango chat room.

AdultFriendFinder logo app tabl 1 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
3.0 ★★★☆☆
80 million members 400,000 users daily 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$39.95 - $239.95 subscription price Free version basic
Free version basic
USA, Europe, International
Sponsored ads
AdultFriendFinder main page - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
AdultFriendFinder main page that also leads to registration in one click

Another old school platform AdultFriendFinder will intrigue you from the first sight. Despite the website being on the market for quite a while, creators managed to keep it evolving together with the main dating trends.

It is easy and straightforward, even if you are a newbie at dating or chatting. You will get a lot of active users who are starving for chatting in private and get a little dirty as the platform is also famous for being open to all the kinks. The only minus that you can come across is the profiles of people who are no longer using the site and their profiles are dead, yet you can see them within online users.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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pure app ios 4 screenshots - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Pure, one of the best sex and sexting apps

The Pure app is fairly new compared to other OG’s that were on the market since the 90s, yet it became more popular than any other similar platform. The main focus of it is to help people connect through the app and for them to move offline as soon as one hour is over.

You register at Pure, add one photo, and then the matching algorithm is doing all the job for you. It will connect you to all the singles in your area who are looking for something casual. Once you two like each other’s profile, you will be getting one hour of chatting, after which you have to decide where you are meeting up or go in a different direction. After this chat session, your chat will be automatically encrypted.

Chat Avenue logo app tabl - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Chat Avenue
3.0 ★★★☆☆
600,000 members 10,000/daily logins 75% / 25% Male & Female
75% / 25% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, International
medium fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
Free of charge subscription price Free version All features are free
Free version All features are free
USA, International
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adult chat avenue 01 - Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review
Chat Avenue first page with direct access to all the chat rooms

Chat Avenue is one of the oldest chat rooms in the history of chat rooms. Every day platform accepts nearly 90,000 daily logins from all over the world. You can enter 19 chat rooms that are open to anyone, get an account, or just look around as a guest, which means you don’t have to sign up nor create an account. Users here are fairly active and would knock on your door one by one.


What is Chatango?

Chtatango is the chat-based platform that helps you to promote your website by adding a chat room to the site and interact with different people online.

How do I create an account at Chatango?

To create an account at Chatango, you need to register by adding your email address, username, and password. There is no email verification, so you can use the platform right away.

How do I delete an account at Chatango?

There is no such option as deactivating or deleting your account. All you can do is Log Out and stay inactive.

Can I use Chatango for free?

Yes, the Chatango is free to use without any option to upgrade it, although you can donate any amount of money to support the platform.

How to search for new people at Chatango?

There are no search filters. You can see who is around you by adding your current Zip Code to your profile. Also, you can find other users if you know their username on the Chatango website.

Is it available for mobile devices?

Yes, it is available for free to download for Android, and even though there should be the iOS app, we couldn’t detect any.

What is the age restriction to join the chat rooms at Chatango?

There are no age restrictions on who can add the platform.

What can I use instead of Chatango?

There are currently a lot of available chat rooms, but we would suggest trying Chat Avenue, Pure, and AdultFriendFinder as an alternative to Chatango.


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