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March 16, 2020
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3.0 ★★★☆☆
300,000 members 10,000 logins/daily 100% Male
100% Male
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, International
low fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$7.99 - $50.04 subscription price Free version main features are available for free
Free version main features are available for free
USA, International
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BiggerCity is not a typical dating website. It gets together all hot chub daddies, beads, and those who adore them. BiggerCity helps you to connect with big boys and share all the kinkiness that you have.

Sometimes it can be unbearably complicated and not that easy to find someone to your preferences within other dating websites. Everyone expected to have abs and model looks according to the social standards. BiggerCity, on the other hand, brings people together and trying to ruin stereotypes within the gay community by praising all shapes and sizes. Everyone is beautiful and deserves to be with someone special.

We will take a closer look and get all the needed information about the website, and it’s functionality as well as compare how good it is within other hookup sites.

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Let’s have a closer look at what you will get with BiggerCity as a free user or the one who upgraded to a Premium member.

Free service

BiggerCity offers a lot of features for free usage. You will get a chance to create an account, participate in chat rooms, send flirts to the profiles that caught your interest, and text with other users. Messaging is limited but available at least to make the first approach to see how effective the platform is as well as to see how active are members.

Besides that, the platform has plenty of different groups and events, in which you can participate free of charge. You can create events and manage them, invite new people, and meet in real life. Being a part of a monthly raffle is free of charge.

Our favorite function is the full access to all the blogs, personal websites, and sex stories or forums that members post at BiggerCity.

Paid service

The Premium also has awesome things to offer. There is only one subscription plan, and the price will be depending on the timing. There are plans that are available for one month for $7.99, also plans for 3 and 6 months for $19.98 and $30.00. The most expensive and long-term one is for 12 months that will cost you $50.04 for the entire year.

A lovely deal that also includes other users with no limits, becoming invisible that gives you a chance to view profiles without being noticed. Together with that, you get the feature to post your columns, posts and place your website in the directory.

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BiggerCity gay profile of users

Audience quality


The majority of users on the website are gay men, bisexuals, and queer guys. Besides, you can meet a few bi-curious men that are here to explore their fantasies.

We got the impression that users are active on the website but not communicative when it comes to one-on-one. That could turn to a bummer if you are looking for bears to make them your bears eventually.

Age distribution

Most of the people on the website are between 30 and 50 years old, but we did see a few young boys in their early 20s’ who were looking for daddy. Users are open about their sexual preferences and all the kinks. That way, you can search for people who are into the same stuff as you are.

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BiggerCity men main page

Fakes and scammers

Rather than people are active but not into making the first step, we couldn’t detect any fake accounts or people who tried to scam us. We did get the impression that users are simply looking for face-to-face meet up and group discussions rather than chatting online to see where it will go. That is not a bad thing since the website doesn’t pose itself like a traditional online dating service.



The design of the website looks neat and old school which matches its main age categories. Everything reminds of sites we used to see back at the beginning of the 2000s and looks almost like the Craigslist personals section.

Other than that, the website is straightforward and easy to navigate. Everything is placed on the sides in blocks format. Registration is in a small tiny window, and below you will see all the blogs to get guidance to all the possible chat rooms, forums, and websites. On the right side, you would see birthday daddies and advertisements.

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BiggerCity gay chat

Signing up

The registration form is simple, yet will take 5-10 minutes. It will require only your username and password at first. After that, you will get to the next step where you would need to fill in nearly 20 different fields. But not to worry, those fields are simple about your age, location, personal and sexual preferences. Nothing extra. Once you are done, you are able to see chubs and bears near you.

Note that there are no other options to sign up but with your email and the only verification is simple Captcha which won’t protect the platform from fake profiles. Also, make sure your email is valid because you would verify that too.

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BiggerCity sign in


Profiles are not detailed as we would like, so a lot of people skip those fields and leave them empty while going through the registration process.

Your profile picture will be visible to all users regarding their membership plan. Yet once you upload all other photos of you — you can make them private only for Premium members to view. A lot of daddies use that because they post quite sexual images of themselves and the kinks they are into. There won’t be anything outside of forbidden though. Before your photo is uploaded, it goes through moderators that will approve or disapprove those.

Other than that, the profile at BiggerCity looks like any other profile at the dating platform. You can add and change information at any time. The main information that will appear contains your body complexity, interests or hobbies, your lifestyle, and education. You can also add your employment status and where you work, where you live, and your sexual preferences. There is also a question if you are willing to travel or even relocate which is great if you travel a lot or moving to another country.

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BiggerCity offers users to search other members in three main ways. The first involves you to apply a simple search bar and choose your area, preferred age, communication tag, the current status, and physical appearance. There is also a search option to find people who are active at the moment and in your area.

The second way to look for new members is through other’s recommendations, which is BiggerCity matchmaker that will connect you with other users according to specific criteria, like their education, interests or willingness to travel and relocate.

The last way to find members at the BiggerCity platform is through chat rooms and forums. There you can start a conversation on becoming a part of the existing one. The third way is for shy guys who want to look around first. You can try one or all three ways and pick the one that works best for you personally.

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BiggerCity chat


Sending and receiving messages is free for all users regarding their subscription plans. The only difference is that paid members have an unlimited number of messages per day. For free users, it is limited. So if you are looking for more sexting, you better check out sexting websites that we know that will be just perfect for it. As well as free users won’t be able to exchange media unless they upgrade their membership to a paid one.

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BiggerCity mobile

Mobile app

Despite the website being old school, it does live in the 21st century and provides us with mobile applications for iOS and Android users. The apps are free to download on both platforms.

We got the impression that the app was created more for personal messaging and searching for people in your area than a community base. While using the mobile app, you won’t have full access to the community features. We guess this is why there are not that many users on the actual website.

We wouldn’t suggest using the mobile application as a new member. There are just possible matches in your area and nothing more. As a newbie, it is better to use a website. That way, you will see if anything else will catch your attention. Maybe you are going to find an event you would like to attend and meet people face to face. Although, if it’s not what you are looking for, you should find out more about other best sex apps in your area.

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BiggerCity login

Security and privacy


At first sight, the website gives mixed signals. On the one hand, the website uses minimal security rules to prevent users from scammers and fake profiles by using only Captcha during registration. That doesn’t give much trust at first. Although, later, we did learn that all photos that users would upload would go through the moderator review before it would appear on the platform. That gives hope.

Regardless of anything, we wouldn’t suggest sharing your personal information that you’ve met online or have met for the first time in real life even. Be safe.

Hookup chance


The platform wasn’t created as a typical dating platform due to marketing goals promising you a thousand matches per day. Quite the opposite, the platform reminds us of a community — safe and fun.

You can meet someone through the website by starting the conversation, or you can join groups and events to meet people in person. Either way, the website is cool to meet new people, and the hookup chance depends on how much you will look for it.

We find the platform chill and entertained. We managed to make a few new friends while testing and some of those conversations went hot and cold, so we would put here a medium chance for a hookup.

Matching algorithm

The matchmaker that is built inside of the website focused more on the search filters that are available for all users. Since this is more of a community platform than a dating app, the search engines are powerful but also chill. We think location search is the most useful of them all.

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BiggerCity app
pure logo app transparent new 1 - BiggerCity full review for daddy bears
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure is for real meetings, not endless chats online

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. In one hour, you send a casual sex request to potential matches near your location, discuss your desires, and share contact detail to set up an offline date. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.

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Real-life reviews

We searched through the web to find what other people think about the BiggerCity service and opinions are different. We’ve decided to give them all a chance.

Great for chasers and chubs


This app really did change my life for the better. I’ve met new friends, had several encounters, and enjoy chatting with guys all across the world..the app is straightforward and there are no massive unwanted unlocks nor shouts you may or may not have interest in. Flirts are a quick way to get a pulse on how much someone has interest in you. The app is stable though once in a while I’ll get logged out for no apparent reason. This is a minor hiccup, and doesn’t change my view of the app.

Works well


Works extremely well. I haven’t seen any problems with the app. The only thing is that sometimes I reply to someone and the app still has the notification badge on it and it does irritate me at times but not enough for me to dislike this app. This app has made it easier for me to be on the road and still talk to all my favorite chubs out there.

Love it


I love to check Bigger city every single day because I see new faces every single day. It is not a boring app. Tks for all u are doing for us.
Fred Heidarpour

Social togetherness


I’ve been here since 2000. I’ve met a lot of great ppl from all over, only met 3 face to face and have great friendships with them and a good time when we get lunch or meet. I am pleased with this site as it allows you to grow with a person. If you’re looking for a quick meet and greet — lots of luck on any site, most are not interested in that type of meeting.

Great but


Love the features and has always been a great app but with the latest update the app seems to be locking up and freezing. You have to close and re-enter and it is fine for a while then freezes again. First time this has ever happened so I hope they can fix this bug in the next release. Otherwise it would be five stars!

Has potential


Good app if you strongly prefer using your phone instead of a laptop or similar device. That said, it lacks the full functionality offered on the laptop. Additionally, it can be confusing at times to find what you were looking for because things are not always grouped together in a way that seems to make commonsense. With some work, the app could be quite nice.
Lngtme Membr

Not bad!


Have enjoyed using the rebooted app. It’s really done a lot to make the BC community relevant again. The UI is slightly confusing though. It can be tough to find what sub menu is required to dismiss an alert. It’s also strange that the app doesn’t seem to let you set the default view to local as opposed to global profiles. Still, quite fun.

Strong community with some bugs


The app does a great job putting people together, but it has a few serious bugs. The app has trouble recognizing when a user has viewed a message, and previously viewed messages sometimes show up as new until the app is restarted. Connection issues are also a problem.

Great service, great app


They’ve done a really fine job with this app. It’s got its share of minor annoyances like any other app, but they make it nice and easy for even socially awkward big boys to reach out. I do hope the developers will add more and better flirts in the future.

5 Golden Stars


The app is easy to use and navigate and furthermore it works. Never had any issues with it. Unlike those of Grindr. Easy to chat with friends and find others who share common interests as well. A++++. Job well done.

Glad I didn’t pay for it


Looks like a great app… I came across some in the site where it seems that name calling, insults and otherwise trolling behavior is not managed by the site operator. Maybe it’s just part of their site, but it’s definitely a turn off in this day & age where you log into a hookup app, and it’s a political ****show…
Bear Lunch

Great App!


The app is awesome and I use it daily, much more than the actual web site. The only improvement I’d like to see is mobile access to the forums. Hopefully in the future, but otherwise great!

Don’t bother


Basic at best app, with functional issues and too many limitations to use with ease. If it were 2008 I might be okay with the app. Also, I upgraded to premiere and it didn’t work for a while. Contacted support for a refund and now the features work, but I wasn’t given an extension on my subscription or a pro-rated refund. So they are also dishonest thieves. It’s also just a ghost town of the same people, mostly low-quality men. Update: developer response is false. They didn’t fix anything and my time was not extended. At all. When I contacted them I got a basic response saying that I needed to reconcile purchase, which I had already done, and made work for myself before they responded. So no, you didn’t actually fix anything and just took credit for it. And again, no refund nor credit of extra time happened. Lies. Try again.

Nice UI, but needs work


You turn on touch ID, it does nothing. If you exit and come back, touch ID is turned off again. Basically Touch ID for iOS 11 isn’t working. In addition, this is the only app I have that needs your Wi-Fi to be exceptionally perfect, or it gets bogged down with eternal pictures loading and disconnects. Edit: now the above applies to iPhone X using Face ID. Google is storing the face ID passwords for a lot of my apps including this one, however, BiggerCity’s own Face ID does not work. Click the Face ID switch to on, and it does nothing. Exit the app, come back, and the switch is off.

How do you have a limited amount of blocks?


This is the only thing I have an issue with is the fact that you give out a certain number of blocks for non premium users. It makes no sense that you limit my blocks and make unblock people I have blocked in the past in order to block new ones. If you don’t know how dangerous that can you shouldn’t be running an app. Allow unlimited blocks for standard users it helps protect us from people who don’t take no as an answer.

Used to work OK but not as of today


Touch ID doesn’t work for me either. Had never noticed it before today and only did so because suddenly I get logged out of the app whenever I go to another screen and have to enter my password every time. Thought Touch ID would help but it doesn’t. None of the other apps I use ( growlr, grommr) log me off ( ever) let alone every time I go to do something else on my phone.



This app is useless!!! They make NO attempt to attack new users in any way…. They make NO attempt to improve the app…. Considering they‎’‎re not interested in improving this app you are stuck with the same trolls that have been on this app forever…. Most don‎’‎t even bother reading your profile before trying to hook up… Don‎’‎t waste your money or time unless you don‎’‎t care what contacts you!!!!


How can I create an account at BiggerCity?

To create an account at BiggerCity, you would need to provide your email, create a username and pick a strong password. After your email gets verified — you are good to go.

Is BiggerCity a dating platform?

You can find yourself dates with the help of the BiggerCity platform, but it poses itself more as a community website for gays and bisexual people to connect.

Can I use BiggerCity for free?

Yes, most of the main features are limited but available to use with a free account.

BiggerCity or what alternatives you can use instead

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