My guide for choosing the best butt plug

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February 21, 2020

Butt plugs for beginners

Candy Heart$19,95Silicone, 3.1″
Hello Kitty$79,95Borosilicate Glass, 3.3″
Crystal Delights$89,95Borosilicate Glass, 3.3″
Snug Plug$55,00Silicone, 3.7-5.5″

Butt plugs for pros

Mini Twist Long Plug$119.95Borosilicate Glass, 6.3″
Tano$59,95Silicone, 4.5″
Don Wang Glass Pleasure$11,98Crystal glass, 4.3″

Getting an amazing anal stimulation is difficult if you are by yourself. Anal masturbation is less common than vaginal, mostly because it’s harder to reach. Don’t worry, though. If you want to achieve deep penetration even if you play with yourself, try out butt plugs.

The name says it all, it’s a sex toy that can be plugged in a butt. For guys, the best butt plugs stimulate the prostate while for girls, it puts pressure on the vaginal wall, reaching the G-spot.

best glass anal butt plugs 11 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
Butt plugs are used to stimulate anus and the back portion of vagina

To make sure that you know what to look for, I prepared a full guide to butt plugs: where to start, how to choose them, and listed the best butt plugs for beginners.

What are butt plugs

Butt plugs are oval-shaped sex toys that can smoothly enter your anus and reach up to the anterior vaginal wall. They are a must-have for anal masturbation. Long handles make them easy to manage, and smooth materials make it healthier for your genitals.

The risk of fractures and bruises is much lower than during sex because you can regulate the pace and depth of the penetration.

Four reasons to try butt plugs

Butt plugs aren’t the most common sex toys, but in my opinion, it’s the one that deserves more recognition. It’s physically difficult to satisfy yourself from behind if you don’t have a partner, and butt plugs do an excellent job of solving this problem.

Regulated anal penetration

For many, butt plugs is an excellent test-drive of anal sex. If you didn’t try it before and want to test out your sensations or prepare yourself down there. The best butt plugs for training is a safe place to start. There is a lot of choices on the market, so it’s easy to pick something that suits you anatomically.

best glass anal butt plugs 05 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
The best butt plugs for beginners are small and easily manageable

Smart shape

The only purpose of the butt plug is to enter your anus smoothly. The structure of the plugs relates to their purpose: they have narrow tips for smooth introduction, enlarge near the middle to provide better satisfaction and get narrower at the end, to not pressure rectum area from behind.

Butt plugs are designed this way, so they never get stuck in your butt. You can experiment with sizes and start with smaller ones if you aren’t sure about your safety with the big guns. However, the risk that something goes wrong is low — butt plugs are designed to fit your openings well.

Anus nerve stimulation

If you never tried stimulating anal nerves, it might take some practice to wake these sensations up. If you want to be excited during sex with a partner, introduce your nerves to exciting stimuli before.

The anus is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, and you want to feel your most erogenous spots — anatomically speaking, these would be the ones where you have the most sensitive nerves. In the beginning, it’s best to invest some time in exploring these spots so you can guide your partner when you are together.

Better orgasms

This benefit derives from the previous one. Because anus has so many sensitive neural connections, it delivers deep orgasms — for some, even deeper than clitoral ones. For many women, the anus is an ultimate destination for reaching the strongest orgasms, especially with the optimal depth of penetration.

How to choose a butt plug

There are many options on the market, starting from a few dollars to a few hundreds of dollars for a toy. There are also variations in sizes, materials, shapes, design — it can be confusing at first. Also, you need to consider your anatomy before picking a toy.

The good news is, the FDA approves all legally sold butt plugs because they classify as novelty items; hence, there is a legal obligation.

However, some men and women noticed that butt plugs can stain their underwear, which makes it worth asking: what if there still are some low-quality chemicals? This risk is legitimate, but only if you purchase cheap items from lesser-known stores. In my experience, the best material for butt plugs is silicone and glass.

Don’t go cheap

The price range from medium quality butt plugs starts with $30-40. There are some great options on my list of favorites that are below $20, but these are exceptions, and they aren’t for everybody. The high-quality items start with price tags from $80-150. They have lasting materials, exclusive design, allow changing shapes and sizes. The best wearable butt plugs cost somewhere around $50-70.

Start small

There is a temptation to go big right away because the bigger, the better. Not in this case. If you are only starting anal sex, you need to prepare your body to accommodate foreign bodies and stretch your muscles down there. Additionally, you need practice with maneuvering the handle once it’s inside your body if you don’t want accidents.

The best beginner butt plugs are the small ones. It wouldn’t be as little once you get it inside. Then, casually work your way up to bigger sizes

Decide if you want BDSM

Some plugs — mostly the expensive ones — are adapted to dominance-submission play. The BDSM community uses butt plugs on submissive for rough sex. Such plugs are stylized in a BDSM fashion and made of rough materials so that they can withstand rough play. You can choose among the best butt plugs for daily wear — they are made of durable materials.

best glass anal butt plugs 08 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
BDSM butt plugs often come with other accessories for d/s play
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What do you need to know before using a butt plug

Although the butt plug is fairly straightforward, you need to take precautions before you insert one into you. The list of actions isn’t all that long, so bear with me. You’ll be grateful once you have the best time and avoid painful and possibly awkward consequences.

Lubrication is required

Even though butt plugs are technically designed to fit your anatomy, they might not go smoothly right away. To make the experience safer and more enjoyable, don’t slack off with lubricants. Silicone lubricants are the most reliable choice — they are compatible with any plugs, rarely cause allergies and provide smooth perfection.

If you have no way to get a lubricant, at least use your spit. It’s a natural lubricant that works nowhere as well as the silicone one, but it’s better than none. Other at-home options include olive oil, coconut, latex — oils are your top choice.

Foreplay is your friend

You need to get yourself excited if you want to get the most pleasure out of that. Nerves just won’t get excited for no reason — you need to help your body out. Start with vaginal masturbation, watch porn, and listen to music. Once you’ve got heated up, it’s time to insert the butt hole. Don’t rush it. If you aren’t excited even one bit, masturbation will feel like a rectal exam.

best glass anal butt plugs 09 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
The best butt plugs for women are designed to be great gifts, too

Prepare your butt for the plug

Starting small is, again, your best bet. You can insert your fingers before you get in the plug. They are smoother, smaller, and easier to control. Finger masturbation helps you to wake up your rectum and get started on nerve stimulation. It will help to get better orgasms once the plug is in.

Best butt plugs for women and men

You know how to choose a plug and what to do once you’ve bought it — it’s time to get yourself one. The variety of choices gets overwhelming, so I prepared the list of my all-time favorites for different price ranges and size preferences.

best glass anal butt plugs 10 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
My favorite butt plug for beginners

Candy Heart


The gift version of a butt plug looks cute if you give it to your partner or yourself on the Valentine Day. The colors are cute, too — you have yellow, pink, violent — whatever fits your theme. The materials are smooth and don’t contain pores, which makes the penetration much more enjoyable. They are pretty small, which is great for beginners, but you can take a look at upgraded sizes when you get more experience. Hands down, it’s one of the best fisting butt plugs on the market.

best glass anal butt plugs 02 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
A premium cute butt plug

Hello Kitty


This is a manageable premium butt plug that mostly comes in small sizes and is easier to handle for beginners. The handle with the Hello Kitty can be removed if you don’t want to stain it in the process. Similarly to Adam and Eve, it’s a great gift option for your partner or friend.

best glass anal butt plugs 04 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
Another stylish butt plug for men and women with a great tail

Crystal Delights


My favorite premium short-length plug. I love the elegant design and fluffy handle. The tail can be removed for cleaning or substitution, and you can experiment with styles and colors. Also, the materials are heat-resistant: you can put the plug in the fridge or heat it up before using — whatever gets your blood running. It’s one of the best butt plugs for men and women alike.

best glass anal butt plugs 07 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
An expensive butt plug that’s worth every cent, because it’s simply gorgeous

Mini Twist Long Plug


If you are past the initial short-length stage, it’s time to upgrade. But don’t do it with just any plug — you could go with the premium one. This is an option, styled with Swarovski crystal and made of glass, the downside, you need to keep out safe from falls. Also, it’s one of the best male butt plugs — it won’t irritate your prostate, and it’s elegant.

best glass anal butt plugs 03 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
A simple unisex butt plug for rough penetration



This butt plug is forced by PicoBong — one of the most accessible brands of the best vibrating butt plugs. You might’ve heard of Lelo, a famous vibrator brand — this one is a sister company. The quality is obvious from the start — the plug is well stylized and packaged, and it’s also equipped with a vibrator. Honestly, it’s a miracle to have an option like that that falls far behind a $100 price range.

best glass anal butt plugs 01 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
Another simple plug that works for men and women alike

Snug Plug

Price: $55,00

Produced by B-Vibe, it’s one of the most popular butt plugs on the market. I am not the biggest fan of the handle, and it’s just too primitive for me, but many praise the toy for its simplicity. You can try out different sizes, but I have to warn you, the small version of Snug Plug is still pretty big — so keep that in mind if you are a beginner. The moan advantage of this one is that it’s one of the best butt plugs for long term use, at least according to reviews.

best glass anal butt plugs 06 - My guide for choosing the best butt plug
One of the cheapest options on the market with the premium look and feel

Don Wang Glass Pleasure

Price: $11,98

If there is one thing you need to know about the butt plug market, I have to warn you that is it’s hard to find reviews on Amazon. For some strange reason, clients aren’t keen on reviewing this kind of product. Well, this one is an exception that falls to the category of the best glass anal butt plugs. The quality of Glass Pleasure is so good that it got more than 100 reviews, and most of them are positive. However, keep in mind that the majority of them are users for whom it’s not the first plug and that their size line isn’t particularly well-suited for beginners.


What are butt plugs?

Butt plugs are sex toys for anal stimulation that reach anus and anterior vaginal wall, while also stimulating a G-spot. The anus is one of the women’s most erogenous zones, so masturbating with butt plugs delivers powerful orgasms.

How to start using butt plugs?

You need to use lubricant first and prepare your anus for penetration with your fingers. You can also ask your partner to help with his fingers. The most common lube is the silicone ones, but you can also use coconut oils.

What are the best cheap butt plugs?

My favorites are Don Wang Glass Pleasure for $11.98, Royal Hiney for $19.95, and Fun Factory for $28.16. Look for the best inflatable butt plugs instead of saving on the price, and start with the smallest size.

How to choose a butt plugs?

Beginners should start with small sizes and look for the medium price range — $30-40. Cheaper options are often too big — so don’t try to save up if you are starting. Be sure that the FDA certifies the provider and the materials are safe to use. If you notice irritation, take the plug out immediately, if you don’t want an allergic reaction.

Why use a butt plug?

It’s a way to deliver deep anal penetration when you are on your own and get amazing anal orgasms. For many women, it’s a way of stimulating a G-spot — a target spot on the anterior vaginal wall that gets excited during anal sex. Also, you can prepare your body for anal sex if you haven’t tried it before. Butt plugs allow you to discover your most erogenous zones and guide your partner.

Can women use butt plugs?

Yes, of course. Butt plugs a similar sensation to the one you want during actual anal sex. If you didn’t try anal masturbation yet, you should. It will deliver the whole new world of sensations and orgasms.

A video guide to choosing a butt plug


Butt plugs are a must-have for enjoyable anal masturbation. There is no way your fingers would be able to deliver the same depth of penetration or get you anywhere close to the sensations of rough sex. Butt plugs have been in the game for a long, and that’s because they work well for gentle or more aggressive stimulation. Whatever positions you enjoy, you can mimic the experience with the plug when you are on your own.

Don’t hesitate about trying out a butt plug. It’s not all that expensive — you can find a nice option for $20-30, and you won’t regret the purchase pretty much after the first try. As long as you are smart about the sizes, you will be safe.

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