321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it

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April 30, 2020
321 Chat logo app tabl - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
321 Chat
1.0 ★☆☆☆☆
unknown members unknown 80% / 20% Male & Female
80% / 20% Male & Female
1/5 hookup chance Very Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$20 subscription price Free version Yes
Free version Yes
USA, International
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321 chat adult website is open for you to join and get access to all the sexy and kinky chat groups. It seems like a dream for me on my lazy days when I’m all into entertaining myself. I don’t know about you but I’m going nuts.

321SexChat was created by Greg Barrow in 2002 as an alternative website for sex lovers only. The father of the 321SexChat is 321Chat which also has all kinds of sex chat rooms for adults, but it also has kids chat rooms and multiple rooms for teenagers. I guess that was the primary reason to separate this platform into two, so kinky adults can have their own playground to explore all possible virtual sex.

Anyway, 321SexChat seems very popular and I’ve decided to take a look at it and explore as many chat rooms as possible to see what my horny self can gain from it, and to compare it to another hookup app that I’ve tried. 321SexChat definitely gives me that old school vibe to get into a nostalgic mood.



321SexChat doesn’t require Premium membership. You can either use it for free or get a life-time VIP membership for a fixed donation.

Free service

With 321 Sex Chat, you are able to use all the main features free of charge. That would include messaging in chat rooms and in private, upload and send photos as well as access to all the chat rooms.

Paid service

If you really want to be 100% involved and you have an awesome idea for the new chat room you are welcome to make a small donation of $20 to get access to all possible features on the website. You can use special emojis, select your username color, view all the history of any chat, create your custom chat room, and some more perks to make your account look more adorable.

Audience quality


Overall, the audience is very active and straightforward at any time of the day or night. But there are things that I didn’t like at all.

Age distribution

Officially, you can have an account or be a guest user if you are 18 years and older. Yet, my guess is, there are some under-aged people there. After testing a few chat rooms myself and going through profiles that got my attention, I detected that the majority of legit users are in their mid-20s and mid-30s which makes it interesting for me personally because people knew exactly what they wanted and were very straightforward.

321sex chat Review 13 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
You can view all the users who are online in every chat room

Fakes and scammers

I couldn’t get any fake profiles vibes but all the messages I received as a male user were spam texts that asked me to follow the link to get more bids of naked women. Not a fan to use unknown links like that.



The website reminded me of good old school websites that we all used in the 90s and for the first decade of the 2000s. It also has all those side advertisement banners that are obviously filled with porn so if I were you I’d make sure no one is around me when I’m using this site. Sadly, they don’t go away even if you buy Premium.

Despite the fact that the website looks not as we would like it to look, it is easy to navigate and all the buttons you need are visible.

321sex chat Review 14 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
There are 10 main chat rooms that were created by the moderators.

It has 10 main 321 chat rooms that you can freely access and participate in. As a VIP member, you can create your own chat room and invite users there. Porn chat room appeared to be the most popular as it has the biggest number of active people. Be ready to get any types of photos and conversations there. It’s a very diverse group. You can see the number of online members in each group before entering it.

Signing up

Registration is optional at 321SexChat com. Same as other websites that are close to BackPage alternative, this chat allows you to either be a guest user or a registered one. Either way, you can access all the chat rooms and chat with others.

321sex chat Review 8 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
You can choose to be a guest user or get full access as a registered member of the 321SexChat

As a guest member, you need to add minimum details about yourself. Make sure your username is as unique as possible because I spent five long minutes trying. Every time I had to hit Login before the system let me know that the username already exists, and I had to start all over again. That is very annoying for me, because, for example, with Pure I got used to a simple 2-minute registration where I put in the email, my name, and a few more details. Boom, after 120 seconds I have an account to use.

As a guest user of 321SexChat, you still have limited access to a few features. So if you want to get more, you need to register.

321sex chat Review 10 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
All you need to get an account at 321 Chat Sex is a valid email and a password

After you fill all the information in, you will need to confirm your email.

321sex chat Review 5 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Type in the code from the email and hit verify account

Now you are a registered user. You now can upload photos and send them to the group chats or in private messages.


Profiles of users are not detailed at all, but let’s not forget that this is not a dating site or escort sites so more personal information is not even required. Age, gender, and location are the most you would get, and honestly the most you need to start chatting. Well, and a userpic would be nice, but most users don’t have it or, if they do, it’s not really them but some celebrity or just a picture of something random.

321sex chat Review 1 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
One of the profiles in the biggest chat room on the website


The only way you can find users here is if you see them in group chat rooms. You can add them to your friends’ list and have options to send them messages directly and without browsing again and again.

321sex chat Review 12 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Messaging is free for everyone


Two options to chat in a 321 sex chat room: with everyone or one-on-one with preferred users. While I was snooping around, I got nearly 15 messages from ladies who never offered anything but to follow another paid website to get a closer look at them being naked.

As a guest member, I tried myself as a female too. In this case, I got 7 instant messages from different dudes asking me if I’m down to all possible kinks. And only 1 message of them all was asking me to follow the link. No nudes spotted there though.

Mobile app

There is no mobile app but the free 321 chat is accessible through any browser that you might use on your device.

uoemj - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Mobile version is very easy to use same desktop

Special features


That is something that I did not expect to see but that is literally a radio. Available for all users.


Anyone can stream or view the live webcams by simply hitting the webcam icon.

Special Emojis

Includes emojis from Apple and are available if you are a VIP member.

321sex chat Review 2 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
You can edit your profile fully in you want to

Chat history

After a symbolic donation with $20 and becoming a VIP user, you are able to view history fo all chats. As a free member, you are allowed to see only what happened today.

Head of the class

If you paid for the Premium, your name can appear on the top of the list of online users in any chat room in a bright and colorful way, so everyone will be able to notice you and your cool username.

Security and privacy


Overall, the security at 321SexChat isn’t that bad. In fact, it gives me a very secure feeling and so far I did enjoy the signup process. You can detect scammers in your inbox on the chat platform. Guests are not allowed to do much, and as a registered member, your email gets verified properly. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of age verification of all the new coming users as there could be underaged teenagers and there is no way to track it.

Hookup chance


The 321 Chat Room website was obviously not created to get yourself instant hookups or join the Wireclub. It was created to have the kinkiest sexual fun online and with all possible strangers. If you do want to have one app that will connect you with like-minded people who are looking for hookups only, you better check out Pure. This is where all face-to-face fun happens. 321SexChat, on the other hand, gives you nearly zero chance to meet up with people from there.

Matching algorithm

There is no such thing as a matching algorithm for the members. You can find new members and add them to your friends’ list only by searching them manually in any chat room available.

User’s experience

Wouldn’t be a real review if I wouldn’t search for other real users’ opinions based on their personal experience. Here are some of them.

The joys of 321


This chat room is full of little cretins who shouldn’t exist. They talk and talk and talk about the most useless things whilst I observe silently, laughing behind my computer screen at these terrible people.

I only come to this chat room to watch what they do and say, ridiculing them if what they say is stupid. This is, however, most of the time. These idiots are betas and are incapable of saying anything intelligent.

To evaluate, it is fun to ridicule them and wait for a terrible response but annoying because of how they tend to speak.

Great site


I’ve been using this website for ages now and I love it! everybody is really friendly and chatty…and since using the chat room I have made a lot of friends and some relationships and had some great experiences. There are obviously some people in the room that you won’t like but they can be easily ignored! I love the chat and I use it often and enjoy it every time…if you love meeting new people then this is the place for you!

Love it


I like this chat website it’s fun to go there are tons of nice and funny people there all the time. it a fun place to go waste time, meet new people, or just talk to people. there’s nothing that I don’t like about this site except for all the annoying people but you can’t really fix that because everyone is annoying.

321sex chat Review 11 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
321SexChat main page looks like an old school website

In conclusion

Overall, I enjoyed the simplicity of the website. It is easy to navigate. No confusion with dozens of different paid subscriptions to enjoy the platform. Everything is simple. The other side of the medal is that there are minimum real female users but a lot of models who are trying to get you into the trap and make you visit another paid website. But I did enjoy participating in group chat rooms. Those are fun and full of active users.


In case if you like the idea but want to try something else or similar to chat rooms, I’ve got a list of the best alternatives.

Chatzy logo app tabl 1 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
2.0 ★★☆☆☆
1 million members 50,000/weekly unknown
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
high fraud risk Verification Email, Facebook Mobile App none
Free of charge subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
USA, International
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Chatzy is a great alternative to any other chat room platform. It is free of charge and has a very ancient design that only people in their 30s might remember. Despite that, the platform is still one of the top chat rooms. Another advantage: you can be completely anonymous.

321sex chat Review 4 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Chatzy is a great old school platform for those who are looking for like-minded people
pure logo app transparent new 1 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure is much younger in comparison to others yet it does its best. The very secure hookup app will get you to chat with your potential match for 24 hours and then you either agree on the meetup spot or move on to the next one. In these 24 hours, you can do loads of things: exchange hot texts, pictures (either from the gallery or taken right now with your camera), and even voice messages: plenty of room to talk about your kinks, desires, turn-ons. And no need to worry about privacy: no one will know your names, address, email or social media links — unless you willingly tell them. The app gets you covered: all the media is deleted when you leave the chat or when it self-distructs in 24 hours after you matched with your partnter.

321sex chat Review 3 1024x621 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Pure is the most popular hookup app that exists nowadays
Chat Avenue logo app tabl - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Chat Avenue
3.0 ★★★☆☆
600,000 members 10,000/daily logins 75% / 25% Male & Female
75% / 25% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, International
medium fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
Free of charge subscription price Free version All features are free
Free version All features are free
USA, International
Sponsored ads

Chat Avenue has plenty of free chat rooms. And the hookup chance actually is pretty high even though it’s just a chat room.

321sex chat Review 7 1024x618 - 321SexChat review. All you need to know before trying it
Chat Avenue welcomes anyone


What is 321SexChat?

321SexChat is a website where you can join group chats to talk about sex and express your inner fantasies.

Can I skip the registration to use it?

Yes, you can access the platform as a guest user but that would limit your actions. You will be only able to send messages.

Is 321SexChat free?

Yes, you can use the platform free of charge. Although for the full experience you can purchase a one-time life VIP membership for $20.

Can I send photos in the chat?

Yes, you can send photos and videos to the chat room or in a private message. That feature is available for VIP members only.

Can I create my own chat room?

Yes, if you are a VIP member you can create as many chat rooms as possible on your own.

Is there a 321 chat senior room?

Yes, there is a chat room for senior users at 321SexChatö so-called Seniors but ın fact any age group is welcome there. It does not discriminate against anyone.

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